How NFTs and video games work together

NFTs have reached another space in society, in this case that of Video Games.

Precisely the NFTs, became famous among the fashion industry, works of art or real estate, and have observed a totally new possibility among the video game industry.

NFTs to the video game industry

In the framework of the entire crypto world, they are unique assets that cannot be exchanged or exchanged for another that has the same cost.

They work through blockchain technology, the same technology that is applied in the cryptocurrency environment. His fame was present in numerous industries of the society of which we are a part:

  • Moda: Los diseñadores de moda de lujo permanecen apostando por el planeta NFT y las criptomonedas, ofrendando varios de sus productos a modo de activos digitales.
  • Arte: el valor de los NFTs en el mercado de las obras de arte viene dado por el costo exclusivo y único de todos dichos activos.
  • Inmuebles: la zona inmobiliaria se vio en especial perjudicado por la tecnología blockchain. Estas características, que se gestionan a modo de NFTs, se ponen a la comercialización en mundos digitales como Decentraland.

The power of NFTs in the video game industry

NFTs in video games have the possibility of being used to decide the ownership of characters, objects, weapons and other assets that we have the possibility of discovering in video games. But its primary use in this market was rewards.

In this way, video games are provided with a new added cost since now they also have the possibility of obtaining rewards that are translated into monetary assets.

The Axie Infinity Project

The video game Axie Infinity is considered the most recognized among investors in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In the game, users have their own NFTs as pets, which they feed, raise, and fight with other pets in the game. Although at first glance it looks like a video game, it is also

It can be considered as a trading platform for NFTs. To get rewards, users just have to play, which means that players have to raise their little pets, feed them and win battles with other characters.


NFTs in the video game industry not only bring benefits to the player, but also to the inventor of those games. The term Gaming 3.0 has been developed, which refers to a totally new way of governing video games within blockchain technology and NFTs.