Where can I sell NFT?

At the beginning, Open Sea was the most known platform for buying and selling NFTs if it wasn’t on Open Sea, it didn’t generate the same trust.

But nowadays we already have different platforms for NFTs and not only NFTs from the Ethereum network.

We mention them to you below:


Backed by Mark Cuban, it is a platform for buying and selling NFTs that is working to become an open marketplace, similar to Open Sea.

It uses the Ethereum network but one of its advantages is that it allows you to create them without charging gas and you only need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet


It is considered the second-best platform to buy and sell NFT after Open Sea.

It has a clean and clear interface, which makes it possible to know which NFTs are trending and an area to explore topics you like.

The platform not only makes it possible to market or sell NFTs but for creators, it even makes it possible to get royalties of up to 50 percent on future sales (although 5 or 10 percent is common).


Ethernity is a platform that makes it possible to market exclusive and reduced-version NFTs, with a particular focus on sports, such as soccer or soccer.

Ethernity provides 2 mechanisms to market an NFT: an auction or if an owner of one that has been traded on the platform wishes to sell it. The platform keeps 75 percent of the sale price, both of which are given to the artist.

There are personalities such as Messi or Luis Suarez on this platform.


OpenSea, which defines itself as the largest NFT platform, gives a diversity of non-fungible tokens, such as artworks, domain names, and collectible cards, among others.

Digital objects comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards – which endorse veracity and exclusivity – in collections such as Axies, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain names, CryptoKitties, and Decentraland, among others. In addition to auctions, Open Sea makes it possible to sell items at fixed costs.


This has been the platform of choice for Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to auction the first-ever tweet for $2.9 million.

You can check ongoing auctions or enter the link to any message and rule whether you want to sell it or buy it.


We hope this post has helped you learn about a few extra options to what the Open Sea and Rarible are. But as we always remember that this post is not an investment recommendation, it is up to each one of us to do our research to taste where it is more convenient for us to invest.