How to promote NFT?

Before you decide how to promote your NFT art, or where to promote it, you need to know that the most important and difficult thing to do in an NFT Project is to build a strong community. Discord is the best way to do this, using different channels, creating conversations and raffles, and most importantly, making sure everyone becomes friends. There is nothing that brings more confidence to a project than the presence of the founders.

Communities are not so easy to build. To have a community you need members with a legit interest in your project. To locate them, you have to work on a social media strategy to find a way to share your message with the world. Once you have a couple of integrants you need to work on a strategy to keep them engaged so they will welcome new members and share a passion for your project. At the Blue Manakin, we help you with all the strategies you need, from social media to every Discord channel, we can help your community to grow and to skyrocket your project.