Data Analysis Web 3.0

A 3.0 marketing strategy is now necessary to achieve success. The appropriate analysis of interests, interactions and user behavior allows you to understand how to actively interact with potential customers.

In order for the marketing strategy to be successful, a thorough and continuous analysis of the data is necessary. The interpretation of the results is fundamental for the optimization of the achievable results of each project.

The Data Analysis 3.0 allows you to accurately determine which niche the brand is targeting and/or should target. Once the niche has been identified, our expert team proceeds with the drafting and creation of tailor-made, effective and impactful content.

Knowledge of the user persona represents a fundamental advantage, which allows the use of 3.0 marketing strategies suitable for the target audience.

Our data scientist team are experts in the interpretation, analysis and projection of any data necessary to bring each project to success.

Agencia 3.0

Analysis of Google Analytics Data

Each platform has different features which, if used correctly, can determine the success of campaigns and websites. Our data analysis does not end with the isolated monitoring of KPIs, but also consists of the implementation of advanced techniques that allow us to achieve unprecedented results.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is essential during any phase of any project. Constant monitoring of the competition is a fundamental parameter to get to know the target audience and market better and act accordingly. Trust Blue Manakin not to miss any details.

In-Depth Keyword Analysis (Multilingual)

In-depth keyword analysis is necessary for the success of each brand. It represents a crucial phase for each project as the selection is not simple. It depends on a wide variety of factors, including the language used by the market niches, semantic variables, the market trend, and the long tail curve.

The choice of the right keywords is fundamental for the success of each brand. Following a careful analysis, our team will select the optimal keywords and keyphrases for the project.

Market Trend Analysis

Before launching a new campaign, an in-depth analysis of market trends is always recommended. Our experts will provide simple and in-depth outputs which will allow you to make the right decisions and achieve success.

End-to-End Analysis

Our data scientists are experts in the end-to-end analysis of any marketing integration and campaign. The in-depth analysis of our team allows us to identify weaknesses and collect all the data we need to optimize the performance of the campaigns.

Customer Analysis

The purpose of customer analysis is to identify the target audience that has already carried out significant actions in relation to the project in progress. An in-depth analysis of this target allows you to optimize ongoing campaigns and optimize results.

Our team of analysts, thanks to the use of advanced techniques, is able to understand the specific characteristics of the reference market niche.

Product and Sales Analysis

Analysis dedicated to product sales are highly recommended to any brand or company that interfaces with web 3.0, as they allow to know the needs of consumers beyond the quality of the product. They also allow to collect and study the data of each initial sale, useful for developing campaigns dedicated to new products, more efficient in terms of cost-benefits.