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NFTs in Peru

Peru’s penetration in the Crypto World is much wider than in other countries of the American continent. According to experts, although the awareness of blockchain technology in the country is quite broad , the NFT market in Peru is still quite small.

In Peru, the NFT collections that have been launched have in common that their concept is closely related to different manifestations of Peruvian culture. For NFT laboratories in Peru, the objective is to create a channel of communication between the country and the rest of the world.

Launch of an NFT collection in Peru.

Although there are currently few NFT collections in Latam, the launch of a new NFT collection in Peru offers great openness and opportunities for development and international expansion.

A fundamental part of launching an NFT in Peruis the creation and design of an visionary and ambitious Roadmap, for the Peruvian public. In addition to the design of the various tactical lines for a communication and positioning strategy.

Marketing for NFT in Peru.

From the development of the art, roadmap, NFT listing,to the operation of different platforms social networks for NFT, in The Blue Manakin we are a pioneer agency for NFT in Latam, which can guarantee in the development and launch of your NFT collection, the fulfillment of your most important objectives.