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lanzamiento de un NFT en colombia

NFTs in Colombia

The expansion of the NFT market in Colombia projects great growth potential. As in all of LATAM, NFTs are a blockchain technology utility with enormous benefits and real-world applications. Colombia is a country with special interest in decentralized finance, blockchain and crypto art,in this country the knowledge about Non Fungible Tokens is quite broader than in the rest of Latin America.

Launch of an NFT collection in Colombia

At Colombia, the transition of traditional artists to crypto art,opens a new market with great potential, that is why the launch and promotion of a NFT collection in Colombia,has particular growth opportunities. The launch of a new NFT collection requiere mucho más que la producción a nivel artístico de las piezas NFT, también es fundamental el diseño conceptual de una colección NFT, y la creación y desarrollo de una estrategia de desarrollo y marketing eficaz.
promoción de NFT en colombia

Marketing for NFT in Colombia

At Blue Manakin, we are a team with extensive experience in creating positioning strategies for the promotion of NFT in Latam.From the conceptual design, the creation of a roadmap, production, to the participation of an NFT collection in different NFT galleries. We know the value of a robust NFT work, and our mission is to trace the most efficient route for an NFT collection to reach its target audience and obtain its projections.