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NFTs in Chile

Similar to other LATAm countries, the knowledge of NFTs in Chile is still incipient with respect to other tokens related to the Blockchain However, just like the interest in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, in Chile, learning about Non Fungible Tokens,is growing among different sectors of the country.

The NFT art for many Chileans, represents a great opportunity to expand their reach of their pieces, especially thanks to the fact that the evolution of these tokens allows to generate different formats and utilities , the launch of a new NFT collection in Chile has great opportunities for expansion in the web 3.0.

Launch of an NFT collection in Chile

An important practice in the creation of an NFT collection is to project different stages in its development, going through different phases and linking the creation of this collection with real-world utilities that allow to increase the interest of the NFT community in it. For the promotion of an NFT collection in Chile, the strategic design of the Roadmap is the first fundamental step.

Marketing for NFTs in Chile

At Blue Manakin, we are an NFT communication and strategy agency, pioneer in LATAM , we have extensive experience in the management and development of strategies for the launch and promotion of an NFT with different collections around the world.

For the , the launch of a new NFT collection in Chile, we are a team of experts capable of integrating the tools and tactics that your NFT collection needs to have the results you expect.