Blockchain Development

In addition to Bitcoin, the development of the blockchain is an aspect of technological development that has progressively gained ground in various sectors of professional activities, due to the advantages it offers in terms of security, transparency, speed and scalability.

The effectiveness of the blockchain and its integration into different business environments transcends the benefits of decentralized finance. The continuous evolution of its different qualities has shown an efficiency that is difficult to compare with other developments.

Advantages of Blockchain Development

The integration of blockchain in the technological infrastructure of different sectors shows evident advantages that increase its competitiveness on several levels. Some examples of its possible business application are:

Healthcare: Development of administrative technology, data and medical records.

Real Estate: Validation of ownership and accounting records.

Finance: Protection against money laundering and faster transaction speed.

Supply Chain: Monitoring and logistic management of supply chains.

The application of blockchain in different sectors is becoming increasingly broad. 

We are experts in developing and implementing blockchain-based applications.

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Binance Smart Chain

In addition to its qualities in terms of speed, which far surpasses blockchains such as Ethereum, BMC stands out from other technologies for its large level of scalability.

Contact us and we will develop a Binance Smart Chain based solution for your business.

Blockchain Services for Companies

Blockchain technology is applicable to any production sector. In addition to decentralized finance and NFT collections, there are several blockchain-based solutions tailored to the needs of each business or company.

Development of Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are one of the favorite solutions for increasing token transactions. This market niche enjoys a proliferating economy, based on the exchange of cryptographic assets.

We are specialists in the development of blockchain games in all its categories. Contact us and develop your project with us.

Development of the Blockchain Supply Chain

The blockchain has wide applications in the supply chain. The integration of the blockchain has a direct impact on the efficiency of shipments and deliveries, increases their traceability and saves the consumption of resources. As a result, the supply chain can receive clear benefits from the implementation of blockchain technology, including streamlining coordination between partners and transactional transparency.

We are a team of specialists in integrating highly technological solutions to any sector.

Development of Cryptocurrencies

The application of cryptocurrencies in various sectors and the constant evolution of decentralized finance make this sector one of the most prosperous in the world. 

Gradually, the competitiveness offered by cryptocurrencies has supplanted conventional financial operations, El Salvador is an example.

Trust our experienced team.

Development of Decentralized Finance

The evolution of decentralized finance provides companies and their stakeholders with financial alternatives neglected by central banks. Developing a DeFi project guarantees huge financial competitiveness opportunities for any company. Contact us and discover the alternatives available.

Blockchain Development Dedicated to Companies

The application of blockchain technology in various business areas provides tools that increase efficiency and transparency in administrative and accounting terms.

Take your business to the next level of competitiveness by integrating blockchain solutions in its different areas.

Development of Ethereum Tokens

The Ethereum blockchain is the most popular in the world due to its diversity in terms of development and the wide compatibility and interoperability with other tokens based on the same blockchain. Token development in Ethereum is highly recommended for optimizing a blockchain project.

Ethereum Application Development

Developing decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain is a highly recommended solution, particularly for creating wide-ranging technological developments that involve a broad level of operability.

Discover the DAPPS solutions we have available for your company at The Blue Manakin.

Fintech Blockchain Development

Decentralized financial models are currently the most effective solution to give certainty to markets and specialized sectors.

Our team creates bespoke Fintech models and developments.

PoC Development

We develop specialized software in PoC (proof of concept), a protocol designed to perform methodological tests at different levels with the aim of effectively determining the feasibility of a new development or product.

Smart Contract Creation Polkadot

Polkadot is an innovative blockchain protocol that allows the interoperability of different blockchains and facilitates the scalability of a project.

Our team is experienced in developing Polkadot-based smart contracts. Contact us to find out the alternatives applicable to the blockchain project.

Private Blockchain Development

Private blockchains are an innovative technological solution widely used by banks or large organizations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the blockchain environment allows us to ensure the development of a complex environment, tailored to the needs of each organization.

Development of Smart Contracts

The smart contract is the backbone of any blockchain project. The program determines the functioning of an asset and its scope.

Contact us and entrust the development of your smart contract to our team of specialists.