NFT Marketing Agency Uruguay

NFTs in Uruguay

As in many countries, in Uruguay the awareness of non-fungible tokens is gradually increasing and generating a growing attraction in an accelerated manner. A remarkable example is Pablo Correa, who generated within Solana a collection of 888 NFT called Space Heads, which he sold in less than a week.

The global trend of NFTs is to develop complex projects that go far beyond art, that go through several phases of development and that integrate a growing community at the end of each one. The Space Head collection is an excellent example of how an NFT can transcend from simple digital art to become a large-scale, long-term project.

Launch of NFT collection in Uruguay

The creation of NFT projects in Latin America currently lacks professional support beyond the internal team of each project. However, having a development, strategy and communication team is extremely important to provide the reputation and resources from which an NFT collection can go from being a digital image shoot, to a project with countless applications in the NFT world.

NFTs marketing in Uruguay

In Blue Manakin we are a team of professionals in content communication and marketing strategy for NFT with great experience in the Latin American market. For the launch of an NFT collection in Uruguay,the best alternative is to count on a team like us.

We have extensive experience in launching and promoting NFT collections in different countries around the world. With several sold out in our path, integrating the most effective resources and tools to achieve the success of a NFT collection in Uruguay,is a task for which we are amply prepared.