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NFTs in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a country with special interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and also for the integration of NFTs in different productive sectors of the country. NFTs go far beyond being just collections of digital art, having very diverse applications in different utilities of modern daily life.

For Puerto Rico, the standardization of NFTs is an increasingly important activity, since launching a new NFT collection in Puerto Rico requires, in addition to assertive communication tactics, different development strategies in phases that allow bringing an NFT closer to interested investors.

Launching of an NFT collection in Puerto Rico

An NFT collection with interesting characteristics and qualities for an NFT investor, must have a structure beyond the NFT art itself, from its roadmap that allows knowing the complexity of this project to the volume and quality in the interaction of its social communities that reflect the interest of users to interact and acquire an NFT piece from this collection.

NFTs Marketing in Puerto Rico

At Blue Manakin we have different tools and services dedicated to marketing that will help any collection to find its ideal investors. From NFT influencer marketing,creating and creating multimedia content, social networks for NFT, listing of NFT launches on different platforms, as well as all the technical assistance and advice that an NFT project may require in any of its phases.

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