NFT Marketing Agency El Salvador

The NFTs in El Salvador

Recently the government of El Salvador announced the construction of its first virtual casino that from the NFT exchange, this project will also have a physical branch within the country.

El Salvador is the only country in the world that has decided to adopt Bitcoin as the country’s official currency.  El Salvador’s commitment to blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrencies, and outlines a constant and accelerated evolution in all blockchain developments to come.

Launching of an NFT collection in El Salvador

El Salvador’s openness to fully embrace decentralized finance and blockchain technology is a sign of an ambitious commitment to transcend to a new order based on the crypto economy. In this context, the creation and launch of a new NFT collection in El Salvador is a project with great opportunities for development in the medium and long term.

Despite its openness to blockchain technology and decentralized finance, there are still not many alternatives in El Salvador to invest and develop in the NFT sector in a new market that is shaping up to be highly competitive. The sooner NFT projects are realized, the greater the capacity for success for them.

NFTs Marketing in El Salvador

At Blue Manakin we are a team of professionals in blockchain technology communication and marketing strategy for NFT, with the ability to implement different strategies and positioning tactics for a new NFT collection.

From roadmap development, collection creation, design and development of smart contracts, influencer marketing for NFT, social media operation for NFT, to the listing and launch of a new collection on different platforms. We are the most effective alternative to develop and support the promotion of a new NFT collection in El Salvador.