NFTs Marketing Agency Dominican Republic

NFTs in Dominican Republic

The adoption of NFTs in Latin America is gradually proving to be a great development advantage for many creative entrepreneurs. In 2021 a Dominican created an NFT product that was valued at millions of dollars, the Brandia game, created by Mickey Ogando, which consists of 52 collectible cards.

Launch of an NFT collection in the Dominican Republic

The creation and launch of an NFT collection in the Dominican Republic also requires an interesting and effective concept and project, which allows an NFT collection to reach its target audience. Something that characterizes NFT investors, is that the NFT expert community  has a broad knowledge about blockchain technology, web 3.0 and the channels in which the NFT market develops.

We are Blue Manakin, an agency specialized in NFT marketing with great success in different collections around the world. Within our launches we have already accumulated several soldouts and the development mechanisms we have implemented are always different, ranging from the operation of operation of social networks for NFT,listing of collections on specialized sites.

Marketing for NFTs in the Dominican Republic

The NFT market in Latin America is opening up rapidly, for the launch of an launching of a new NFT collection in the Dominican Republic, we are the marketing agency with the most experience and reputation.