Digital Experts

Servicio de consultoría digital para PYMEs

Digital consulting service for SMEs

An SME is a company that has exactly the same needs as any other company, no matter how small. In fact, a SME, in most cases, is a local business, a physical point of sale that competes on a digital and physical level and usually has a lot of competition around it. Having a solid image on the most important digital channels for the business is essential. For this reason, with our digital consulting service for SMEs and points of sale, we check the channels and visibility of the company and provide a report with results and advice to follow.

Advantages of our digital consulting service for SMEs

The advantages of working hand in hand with our digital experts are:

Experts are always available

In our hands we will have a professional support in the digitalization processes. A digital expert will assist in the diagnosis of digital maturity and give advice on the best digital services to be developed at the points of sale.

Consultative vocation

It doesn’t matter if these projects are produced by us or not, we take care of providing the necessary consultancy to accompany the process, safeguarding the quality of the different suppliers, with the aim of building loyalty and providing value.

All kinds of profiles

From consultants to project managers, through digital strategists or experts in social media, each project will be analyzed and broken down both at the scope and process level, identifying possible problems and anticipating their resolution.

Ventajas de nustros servcio de consultoria digital para pymes