How to write a White Paper for Cryptocurrencies

Every crypto project that you want to rely on must have a white paper which is a document that includes all the detailed information about what you want to achieve with your project, its architecture, and the interaction with the users.

A whitepaper should contain these points:

  • Introduction:

Write an introduction that hooks people to continue reading the rest of the whitepaper, you can start by giving the objective you hope to accomplish to talk about it later, explain the benefits and give an overview of the content that we will find in the whitepaper.

  • The team:

Introducing the team is an essential and fundamental part of the white paper, it is the human part inside a document full of technical specifications, you can include photos and small descriptions of the team such as what is their role in the project and their experience within the crypto world.

  • Table of Contents:

White Papers are technical documents, so on average they can have from 25 to more pages, so we can place a table with all the contents to touch, so the reader can locate the important topics and even read will the document by the topics that most interest him at the beginning.

  • The objective of the project:

This is where we start talking in-depth about the project, so take as many pages as you need to explain what is most important, explaining what the project is and where it is headed.

  • How you are going to achieve it:

In this part, you can talk about the prototype data, first users, development strategy, and a bit of the road ahead.

  • Tokens:

We will use this part to talk specifically about the tokens that make up the project, the way they work, and what their special features are. In the end, this is the image of the project, it is what people are going to see visually in their wallets so we have to give it a good presentation.

  • How the funds raised will be used:

It is necessary to show investor users where their money is going to be going in the early stages of the project so that they have a better notion of the investment they will make for the development of the project.

  • The roadmap:

Every good crypto project should present a detailed roadmap for the next 12-24 months, which you can make eye-catching by showing that it has been completed and where along the road the project is going.

  • Legal Notice:

Do not forget to place a legal notice or disclaimer, which should contain any important legal restrictions or notices. As certain regulations in countries and in general things help to indicate that in the end we all risk for the project and if it does not go well we all know what we were getting into.

Alternate Modalities to White Papers

Next, we will show additional documents to the white paper which are intended to complement the information found in the White Paper.

One Pager

A document that describes the White Paper in a more summarized form, normally with an extension of one or two pages at the most.

Yellow Paper

When we have complex innovations at a technological level, a yellow paper helps to describe well all these ideas and serves to expose to the investor if the team has the necessary technical capacity to develop the project correctly.

Beige Paper

It is a less technical and complex Yellow Paper for the understanding of all audiences.

As final tips when preparing a White Paper we must use a formal writing style, without spelling mistakes and almost perfect writing is very descriptive and professional. We should review it more than once before publishing it and we also recommend translating it into the most spoken languages so that it can reach more people.

At The Blue Manakin, we help you with your white paper to make it as detailed and eye-catching as possible.