How to make money with cryptocurrencies?

Currently when we talk about cryptocurrencies there’s already a wide variety of options to generate money with them without spending a lot of time, as with trading.

For these ways, it is enough to know what are the market options that provide passive income and choose the one that we like or are most interested in.

What are passive incomes?

Passive income is a way to make money on a regular basis without having to devote a lot of your attention to it.

In other words, they are produced by themselves through an initial investment and there it ends. Basically, instead of the savings being stagnant, it just increases

With cryptocurrencies, there is a wide variety of investment options that generate passive income for experts and beginners alike.

Let trading work for you

Trading is definitely the most well-known way to trade and generate income with cryptocurrencies. The point is that the ones that really generate short-term income through trading are the ones that are aware of currency movements 24 hours a day.

There are some platforms that allow you to set automatic values ​​of which when it drops to a certain amount it is bought automatically and when it reaches a high value it is sold in the same way. So this way trading is done for you.

Stacking of your cryptocurrencies

Staking through proof-of-stake, an activity that allows you to lock up your cryptocurrencies to contribute to the mining process. In exchange for this, you can get rewards.

The blocking time is set at the beginning, either flexible or for a determined fixed term, this can be done with different crypto currencies and variable amounts.


It is important to remember that all investments are not risk free. That is why we remind you that everyone has to do their complete research before putting money in, above all, never put money that we cannot afford to lose.