How to grow a crypto project in 2022?

Cryptocurrency projects, as we have discussed in several posts in this blog, need the best marketing strategies to stand out in this world where new projects with different types of proposals are launched every day.

That is why we will discuss some of the strategies that we believe could help us to grow our project this year.

  1. The planning and execution of the marketing campaign:

Any good plan for a successful launch of our cryptocurrency project must be prepared well in advance to reduce as much as possible the number of errors and problems that may arise with the launch of our token.

For this reason, we recommend starting between 4 and 6 months before the date of the public sale of the token.

The first thing to do to be successful in cryptocurrency marketing is to establish tools for tracking and measuring the results of the campaign. These include:

  1. Google Analytics and ADS.

Running google ADS is something that can bring quite a few people to the project, nowadays it is more normal to stumble upon a cryptocurrency exchange or crypto project while surfing the internet or while watching a YT video.

Hand in hand with ADS, there is Google Analytics with whom we can measure the data and results of the campaigns we do as well as the traffic generated.

  1. Management and content of social networks

There are different social networks so the strategy to follow varies depending on the ones we are going to use, the same as the content that we will upload to this has to be different, normally if we talk about a cryptocurrency this is usually more serious, but this can also be different for example talking about one that is part of the metaverse.

Below are the networks that we recommend along with the strategy that we think:

  • Twitter:

Twitter is usually one of the main means with which people are going to know about your project, so here what we will be looking for is to share the most relevant data as well as updates on the project, twitter should be the first place where we warn.

The language we use varies with the project, but usually, if it is a cryptocurrency one we will use a more serious language unlike if it is an NFT one where there is usually more partying.

  • Telegram:

This social network is where we will have our community, it is the place where we will talk directly with users interested in our project and keep up to date with everything.

  • Instagram:

On Instagram, we will have a more personal approach, in which we can publish more about the mission and objectives we have with the project. Same here we will share a lot about events we attend to promote our project, as well as we can do live Q&A events and meet the founders.

  1. Community building

They say that the best marketing is word of mouth, so building a community that is interested and loves your project is one of the most important tasks to have.

For this, we have to always keep them interested in an environment that feels like family and belonging. It also serves to reward the community, this can be through giveaways, airdrops, and different activities that end up giving something to the people who participate the most in our project.

In the end, they give life to the project and the people who arrive and see an active community, it is quite certain that they will stay.

  1. influencers

Influencers are the people who can move our community in quite significant ways, of course as long as they are good, so it is important to look for them not only by the number of followers they have but also by the interactions they manage to have.

The advantage of these influencers is that with a single story, a video, or in general any good collaboration achieved with them, many people will reach our project.

  1.  Collaborations with other projects.

Another of the best ways to make our project grow is through collaborations with other projects, since this generates trust, especially if the project with which we collaborate is already at an advanced stage and has a strong and reliable community.

  1. Newsletter

It is important to have a newsletter because this way we give priority to a more intimate and private channel with our clients and community, with which we can share accurate information about the status of the project or the things that have been achieved. This helps to build trust and connection, especially since in this space what we are looking for is to get large investors for the project and its future.


Depending on the focus of our project, some strategies might work more than others as each cryptocurrency community is different. The important thing is to always keep clear about what our goal is and use it most naturally and organically in our content.

In The Blue Manakin, we support you to make the marketing strategy that best suits your project because we have experts who are both aware of the market trend. contact us