How to find Crypto influencers?

“There are two ways to find Crypto influencers. The first one is looking for relevant hashtags: #CRYPTO #COIN #BLOCKCHAIN #OPENSEA are some of the hashtags that might help you in your search. It is easy to identify a relevant promoter because of the content that they post. It will usually consist of a lot of giveaways and posts about different crypto projects, also, some of these promoters will have their contact in their bio. Twitter has most of the crypto promoters and a lot of crypto projects start with one tweet and a few retweets from a good promoter with good engagement. The second way to look for promoters is to look at other projects and search in their content for reposts of promoters. If you are looking in a collection that sold out and you see that the account has a retweet from a promoter that shilled the project, the most probably thing is that that promoter has good engagement and could be very useful, the same thing works with micro-influencers. Nevertheless, it is always important to look in the comments for fake users. If a promoter has a lot of likes in their post and very few comments, or has a lot of comments from questionable accounts, the most common thing is that the promoter is fake. “