Cryptocurrency advertising

This is the situation of cryptocurrencies, a form of payment that almost no one is unfamiliar with, but which was not yet fully regulated. For this reason, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has decided to regulate the advertising of cryptocurrencies once they are shown as an investment object.

Cryptocurrencies with the financial system

The advertising of cryptocurrencies goes in that the more understanding by the greater part of the population the greater the provocation for various banking entities or organizations to encourage their users to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The CNMV estimates that in several of the campaigns the client is invited to invest in a product about which he has hardly any information or knowledge of its dangers. Thus, cryptocurrency advertising will have to use clear and simple language so that users can understand the message clearly, impartially, and with no intention of lying to them.

What should cryptocurrency advertising be like?

First of all, you should avoid referring to the profitability that can be obtained with your investment. And, in case of doing so, it will be essential to indicate a specific return time, which cannot be less than one year.

It will be essential to make it quite clear which product is being advertised, thus avoiding confusion with other more famous ones, such as Bitcoin. Likewise, it will be essential to indicate the entity responsible, the territory in which they will be stored and the legal framework to be used in that case.

What are the problems with cryptocurrencies?

For the CNMV, crypto-assets are a high-risk investment product.

Regarding stability, it is estimated that the process could be susceptible to attacks that attempt to change the data in the chain; although in this sense, varying a blockchain (or blockchain) could be somewhat difficult for the practical integrity of users. But, should they be able to circumvent the process, users could lose all of their crypto assets.


Every day we see that many companies are starting to join the world of cryptocurrencies and NFT, these new projects come with different advertising campaigns. But it is important to be careful and before getting fully involved with the project, we must be fully informed of what is going on and as always never put money that we can not afford to lose.