8 Tips to grow a crypto community

Having a large and active community is one of the most important things to having a cryptocurrency or NFT project because this can be a good sign of a prosperous future in the project which can bring more investors or people who are going to buy our collection.

In marketing, it is said that one of the best techniques to promote something is through the mouth of the people, if people speak well of your project that will attract more people because there is something good there.

That’s why we bring you some tips so you can make your community bigger:

  • Create a space where your community can live together:

One of the first steps we must do is to have a space where we can receive people who will be part of our community, these spaces are usually different depending on what your project is focused on.

If it is an NFT project the best is to create a Discord server, here you can create different types of channels to entertain your community and keep it informed about the project.

In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is best to have a telegram group, as these are usually more serious so the means of communication must change and the telegram is the space that best suits this.

  • Social networks:

Now that we already have a space where our community can stay, the next thing is to have our social networks always active, sharing information about our project and its status.

In the same way, if we have an NFT collection it is best to have some networks so to speak, more colorful and cheerful, we can adopt the identity of our project and by that means share it.

With a cryptocurrency project, it is best to keep the social networks a little more serious, in which we can share project updates, some important data as “facts” about the problems we seek to solve, and something important is that social networks are like a space that we can use as a customer service.

We must not forget to try that in most posts we make, we leave links to our server or group.

  • Use your mission to create a story:

The reality is that there are already thousands and thousands of NFT collections and cryptocurrency projects, so it is important to find a way in which our project can thrive.

We have to find a problem that we want to solve and with that base, we can develop the best way to share it through a story, an image, and above all a community.

The people who join the community will not do it just to make money, but for what it means to be in your project and not just to be there but to be part of it.

This will get them to share the project as if it were their own.

  • Moderators:

There must be always a person who knows the project active in the group or server, and also helps to maintain order within it,

For this, we will use the moderators who will be the people who will be on the server while the creators are not there and what they will do is keep the conversation alive on the server, when someone asks a question also solve it and when people arrive to put disorder they maintain it.

  • Reward your community:

There are thousands of dynamics that we can do in our groups to be able to give things to our community and see a way that the creators have to thank them.

This can be done through airdrops or by giving away a space for the WL or even an NFT.

We can also take advantage of it for our social networks and that way grow the community even more.

  • Make special events:

You can make different events for your community, such as a space to share ideas with your followers, and make games inside your server to have a fun time but the important thing is to generate a connection with the community.

  • Collaborations with other communities:

Something we always like to mention is that in the end, it doesn’t matter what your cryptocurrency collection or project is about, in the end, we are all looking for the same thing which is to achieve a decentralized financial society.

Look for communities that are open to collaboration so together you can grow your communities with more people looking for the same thing and thinking alike.

  • Get experts:

Our biggest recommendation is to find people who know how to move through this medium well. A crypto project marketing agency is one of the best ways to grow our community since a good agency already has its moderators and can manage your social networks and make the copies that best suit your project.

At The Blue Manakin, we have the tools to help you grow your community, contact us for a quote. We have network moderation and both Discord and Telegram servers and we adjust to what your project needs.