blockchain marketing definition

The importance of knowing the target audience of your launch

What a short time ago had been nothing more than a simple technological novelty, highly specialized for highly technological user sectors, and a mostly speculative market, today is a reality that is becoming more and more current in all latitudes of the planet. Blockchain technology is now a part of our daily lives, and perhaps […]
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Ask Me Anything – AMA

One of the most important acronyms of marketing 3.0 is AMA (Ask Me Anything). It consists essentially of a free question session open to the general public. AMA sessions are organized on Reddit or Discord. During these events users can ask any question about a brand, NFT project or crypto […]
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reprentación gráfica de una ICO

What is it and why do ICO-marketing?

The growing supply of cryptocurrencies in the market is an unequivocal sign that it is an industry that tends to fortify itself and about which there is much to know. The question may sound basic but it is still important. What is it and why do ICO marketing?
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Web 3.0 Marketing Agency

Marketing 3.0 arises from the need to create a horizontal, fair and sustainable interaction between brands and consumers, maximizing transparent communication. A marketing 3.0 strategy is now necessary to achieve success. The appropriate analysis of interests, interactions and user behavior allows you to understand how to actively interact with potential customers. […]
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Elementos que componen un whitepaper para criptomonedas

The importance of the whitepaper for the launch of a cryptocurrency

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the exponential growth of the crypto sector, the cryptocurrency market, and the importance it has gained in the world economy, has gradually made all the token projects developed in blockchain, adopt self-regulatory measures, which provide certainty and solidity for the life of a crypto project in the market. The importance of the whitepaper for the creation of a cryptocurrency is indisputable, since parallel to its development, the operational parameters and all the elements that make up this document, create the scaffolding that will give life and course to a cryptocurrency throughout his life.
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About Us

Web 3.0 Agency Innovative agency, specialized in Web 3.0 services Web 3.0 was born from a revolutionary principle of equality and destined to change the balance in the business world: brands and consumers are an integral part of its ecosystem, fueled by horizontal, fair and profitable interactions. “Web 3 is an internet owned by users […]
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The importance of crypto influencers in the launch of a new cryptocurrency

For several years now, the role that influencers have played in everyday life is becoming more and more relevant. Starting with the conventional social platforms, but especially video platforms like YouTube, the participation of influencers often has a definitive role in the launch of a new product, but particularly the action of influencers is fundamental in linking a new cryptocurrency.
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What is a smart contract for NFT?

Smart contracts are one of the most powerful features of blockchain technology. A smart contract is a digital contract in which the terms of the agreement between users are established in code. A smart contract can be scheduled to auto-execute when a set of predefined conditions are met. Smart contracts exist on decentralized and distributed blockchain networks.
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